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Born and exclusively made in Switzerland, Amorphose represents, through carefully crafted clothing and accessories, love, transformation and uniqueness. 
The brand name was inspired by the technique of anamorphosis, a distorted projection requiring the viewer to look from a specific vantage point and/or use a special device to view a recognizable image.
Carried by a meticulous textile research, and created from start to finish in the Lugano atelier, collections explore a dreamlike, ethereal world, rendered in a playful, colourful way, as if seen through the eyes of a child.

Kallisto A/W Collection 2022

This collection stems from the myth of Kallisto, a nymph companion of the goddess Artemis, who, seduced by Zeus, gets turned into a bear by his jealous wife Hera. After she is hunted and killed in her new form, Zeus to honour his lover, places her in the sky in the form of the constellation Ursa Major.
While Amorphose continues to experiment with fabrics and uses cristallisation to translate starry skies on silk, or subtle manipulations on existing fabrics, the results are inspired pieces featuring spacial dreams, lunar shapes, nymphs and teddy bears.
The accessories, a colourful and irreverent clin d’œil to the ‘70’s LGBTQ subculture Hanky Code are reworked with vintage pieces.


After completing his instruction at the Polimoda Institute in Florence, and an image consultant course at the Marangoni institute in London Giancarlo Bello hones his skills at a renowned fashion house.

in 2007, his brand Amorphose was born, cultivating high end tailoring while nurturing a slow fashion approach, Giancarlo Bello devoted himself to the design and production of clothes and accessories. 

Over the year he as brought his expertise to other brands as a technical and style consultant, and through numerous successful collaborations with the world of entertainment and advertising.

Since February 2019, Amorphose’ s collections have been a staple of Mode Suisse in Zurich.

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