amorphose is a swiss clothing and accessories brand founded by giancarlo bello in 2007.
his studio headquarters, located in lugano, switzerland, is an authentic tailoring workshop 
where even the most minute detail is skillfully created by the owner and his staff. 

volumes, geometric shapes and sculptural tailoring have made the amorphose style recognized 
and respected by consumers who are constantly on the lookout for something extraordinary 
and original. 

inclusivity is a very important value: other than the classical size chart all the pieces can 
be handcrafted for every body type.

the atelier creates even bespoke dresses for private customers, tv and theatre productions, 
advertising campaigns and music videos.

the name of the brand is inspired by the artistic technique of anamorphosis where you can 
decrypt an image only at certain angles, so the beauty of the creations are best captured by 
the style and movement of the woman who wears them.

Image by Jolie Zocchi (Paris - January 2018)